Production of modern lighting and meteorological equipment for aviation. It provides design and construction of heliports, UAV sites and private general aviation airfields.

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Main Objective

Conduct an analysis of competitors' solutions and, based on it, design all types of landing perimeter lights. Additionally, create a visualisation of all models, specifying materials and colour palettes.

Beacon Light

Long-range visual guidance to the heliport at night or in conditions of limited visibility.

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Beacon Ground Light

Inset Light

Marking the perimeter of the final approach and take-off area (FATO)

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Inset Ground Light

Elevated Light

Designation of the perimeter zone of the helicopter take-off and landing area (TLOF)

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Elevated Ground Light

Light Schemes

Depending on the application, one model of lighting can have multiple light schemes as well as different colours of lights.

Schema 1+3

Schema 1+3

Schema 3+3

Schema 3+3

Schema 7+3

Schema 7+3

Modular System

Allows obtaining different types of lights without the need to produce additional models or parts.

Modular schema Modular system/

Promo Materials

To promote products, numerous visual assets were created for the website and social networks.

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Product Gallery

A separate product gallery page was developed on the manufacturer's website. All items have a detailed description and technical specification.